Auto-sizing, buttery smooth, headless virtualization... with just one hook.

Oh, did we mention it supports vertical, horizontal, grid, fixed, variable, dynamic, smooth and infinite virtualization too?

One Hook to Rule Them All

Enough with the components charade, hooks and headless utilities put you in total control of your UI. With a single hook, React Virtual touts features and performance that other component-based libraries could only dream of.

Dynamic Virtualization

In today's UI's dynamically sized scrollable elements are becoming the norm, so tools that handle that should too. React Virtual comes with built in support for dynamic item measuring of your virtualized elements.

Vertical / Horizontal / Grid

React Virtual's single hook can handle both vertical and horizontal virtualization layouts and you can easily combine multiple virtualizers to make grid layouts, all with total control over both virtualizer orientations.

Try it out! Right here. Right now!

This example is one of our favorites... dynamic virtualization!

A knob, toggle and function for everything!

React Virtual is designed to get out of your way. Inversion of control is our name, and control is your game. If you want to customize something, we'll give you a way to do it. Just be careful what you wish for!

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